Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Performance appraisals in mc donalds Assignment

Performance appraisals in mc donalds - Assignment Example Living up by the brand name and delivering the customers with the desired services that meet their quality and taste considerations make up for the company policy. Further, ensuring equal care for the employees is also part of McDonald’s policy and procedure. McDonalds makes use of result based evaluation of the employees. This is based on the results and the satisfaction level of the customers. This is better compared to the other two mentioned because it comes directly through the customers response. Keeping the customers views as priority, the evaluation according to the customers’ response also helps assessing the employees accordingly. On the job based behavior and responses is also a key to evaluation. McDonalds Company takes into account all the professional company requirements. This is done so on account of the quality management skills incorporation. These skills and standards make the training and development process a mandatory part of the overall business procedure. This is done so by the companies in order to make up for the quality needs that are set forth by the quality assurance based companies and quality techniques such as Total Quality management and other customer centric processes and business purposes. At McDonalds, the evaluation process consists of input from number of sources. Based on this the output is a blend of external sources as well which include the supervisor’s opinion as well as the client’s response. Since the evaluation is largely based on the on the job details and descriptions and the customers are a key source to the on the job description and behavior determination, therefore the McDonalds employees evaluation is based on the multiple discipline based assessment. Multi source feedback is an essential tool of marketing and business activities with regard to determination of customers interest and overall performance of the organization. McDonalds makes use of the 360 degree feedback. This

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